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Our HFC-125 is now UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Component recognized
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HFC-125 DOT Virgin Refrigerant packed in DOT 50Lbs

Chemical Name: 1,1,1,2,2-Pentafluoroethane

Synonyms - Pentafluoroethane, ECARO-25®, Fe-25®, Genetron HFC 125®, Khladon 125®, Suva 125®, Freon 125®, Fc-125, R-125, NAF S 125, UN3220

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Also Available - Large size ISO Tank of HFC 125 (35,000Lb or 15,000Kg )

Clean and insulative. Good efficient and no residue. No depleting ozone layer in atmosphere. An environment acceptable replacement for Halon 1301.
Item Refrigerant Company NFPA 2001
Appearance Colorless liquefied gas Colorless liquefied gas
Assay by GC 99.8%(min) 99.0%(min)
Moisture 10 ppm(max) 10 ppm(max)
Acidity as HF 1ppm(max) 3 ppm(max)
Non-volatile Residue 0.01g/100ml(max) 0.05g/100ml(max)
Empirical Formula CF3-CHF2
CAS Number 354-33-6
Molecular Weight 120.02
Boiling Point -48.5°C
Freezing Point -103°C
Vapor Pressure(25°C) 1310KPa
Liquid Density(25°C) 1.19Kg/L
Critical Temperature 66.3°C
Critical Pressure 3595KPa
Critical Density 572Kg/m3
Extinguish Concentration ( Cup) 8.7%
NOAEL (V/V) 7.5%
LOAEL (V/V) 10%
LC50 or ALC (V/V) >70%
Ozone Depleting Potential 0
Atmospheric Lifetime 29 years