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Our HFC-236fa is now UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Component recognized
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R-236FA 30 lb Virgin Refrigerant packed in DOT Cylinder

Chemical Name: 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoropropane

Synonyms- FE-36®, FE 36 , HFC-236fa, Hexafluoropropane, UN3163

Clean and insulative. Good efficient and no residue. No depleting ozone layer in atmosphere. Safe for people. An optimal substitute for Halon 1211.
Item    Refrigerant Company      Requirement
Acidity (ppm by weight as HCL)    0.1      1
Chloride (pass/fail)    Pass      Pass
High Boiling Residue (% by Volume)    <0.01      0.01
Non-Condensables (% by Volume)    0.66      1.5
Other Refrigerants (% by Weight)    0.22      0.5
Particulates / Solids (pass/fail)    Pass      Pass
Water (ppm by Weight)    6      10
Empirical Formula CF3-CH2-CF3
CAS Number 690-39-1
Molecular Weight 152.04
Boiling Point -1.4°C
Freezing Point -103°C
Vapor Pressure(25°C) 272KPa
Liquid Density(25°C) 1.36Kg/L
Critical Temperature 124.9°C
Critical Pressure 3200KPa
Critical Density 555Kg/m3
Extinguish Concentration ( Cup) 6.3%
NOAEL (V/V) 10%
LOAEL (V/V) 15%
LC50 or ALC (V/V) >18.9%
Ozone Depleting Potential 0
Atmospheric Lifetime 209 years